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Ann Sirenko


Ann is passionate about empowering her clients with information on how whole foods and simple lifestyle modifications can support their bodies, and bring more vibrancy and balance into their lives, so they can feel and look the way they have always wanted. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, she creates customized wellness plans that include nutritional and lifestyle recommendations tailored to her clients’ personal goals.

Ann became passionate about nutrition after suffering from a digestive infection that lead her down a path of self-discovery and healing using whole foods and mind-body connection. She experienced the correlation between the foods she put in her body and how she felt; wanting to learn more, she decided to study at CSNN.

She is a dedicated professional that is committed to helping her clients feel their best- physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


Ann chose CSNN to deepen her knowledge of the body, mind and spirit connection and she was immediately drawn to the holistic aspect of the program. The experience of attending CSNN was invaluable in giving her the tools and knowledge to help her clients feel their best and to build relationships with like-minded individuals that continue to support and uplift one another. Obtaining her R.H.N. designation allowed her to discover her life’s passion of helping others!’

Ann Sirenko, R.H.N.