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Cindy Willems


Cindy Willems is a registered holistic nutritionist, certified Pilates instructor and registered acupuncturist. She is a passionate foodie and health educator and believes that eating a whole foods diet should also be combined with daily exercise and positive lifestyle choices. She opened her Pilates studio 10 years ago where she works to integrate her holistic nutrition business and acupuncture practice, with a focus on whole body health.

Cindy combines her training as an R.H.N. with her training in Chinese Medicine dietary therapy to empower others to be their best, which includes eating foods that support her clients constitution and current health needs.


CSNN gave me a great starting point in the health and wellness industry, as well as the confidence to work with and support my clients’ nutrition and health needs. It provided education and guidance about the importance of living a more holistic lifestyle, which I write about frequently in my blog and implement in my nutrition consulting business. I have enjoyed continuing my education and training at CSNN with their advanced nutrition courses.

Cindy Willems, R.H.N.