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After getting diagnosed with Endometriosis a condition that affects 1 in 10 women and with limited options to treat the painful and unpredictable symptoms, I thought that there had to be a better way to stay healthy and thrive with endometriosis. After extensive research I discovered that diet and lifestyle had a lot to do with how I felt on a daily basis. Much of what I was eating was contributing to my worsening pain each month. On top of that I was constantly tired and my workouts were suffering due to my chronic fatigue. I decided to take a holistic approach to what was happening in my life. It wasn’t until I redesigned what I ate, that I finally began thriving and living almost flare-up free with my condition. I never expected to feel this good with fewer flare-ups and an abundance of energy in my 40s.

Currently, I support others in finding balance with good nutrition to achieve optimal health. During my time at CSNN, I became fascinated with the liver and often host webinars that educate my audience on how to optimize their health by supporting the liver. Besides my social media platforms I host a podcast that has over 15k total downloads. The Jennifer Zee Plant-based & Happy Podcast has had quite a few notable guests including Dr. Ornish, Chel Hamilton from Meditation Minis, and Dr. Neal Barnard. More recently, I won platinum in the Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Nutritional Services!

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  • RAW Retreat 2018
  • Veg Food Fest, Toronto Presenter 2019


In the beginning I was a little weary about choosing to study remotely but after doing my research and comparing CSNN to other schools, the others lacked the in-depth curriculum and the incredible support. The education that I received at CSNN is undoubtedly the best education I have ever received from any institute. I am equipped with the information I need to maintain optimal health for myself, family and my clients. Thanks for being such a shining light on this journey!

Jennifer Zalev, R.H.N.