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Kelli Etheridge

Kelli was the proud recipient of the Trailblazer Award in 2016 from the CSNN Alumni Association.


Kelli Etheridge graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013, with honours.  Since that time she and a partner have created Stir Cooking School, offering regular cooking classes based on whole, nutritious food.  Kelli believes that educating and inspiring people to get back into the kitchen one of the simplest and effective ways to improve overall wellness. 

Kelli has also been the holistic nutritionist at Tillicum Lelum, a first nations health centre.  Most of her work there has been with the Building Better Babies program facilitating workshops and groups on healthy eating and cooking during pregnancy and beyond.

In 2015, Kelli began teaching at CSNN Nanaimo. At present she teaches Symptomatology 2, Preventive Nutrition and the Culinary workshop, which focuses on fermentation, in the Nanaimo location.

In May 2016, Kelli was pleased to win the Trailblazer Awards from the CSNN Alumni Association.

She is currently studying for her Advanced Holistic Nutrition certification.


When CSNN opened up on Vancouver Island I knew immediately that I was meant to go there. I’ve always had a keen interest in nutrition and this seemed like the perfect fit. Throughout my educational experience at CSNN I was inspired by the diversity of instructors and the wide range of courses. It challenged me to think more holistically about my diet, my health and my life and it also solidified my business plans to educate and empower people to cook more (and ferment more) for themselves. I’m still very much connected to CSNN as an instructor there, and also through the network of grads who continually support and promote each other. It is a nurturing environment from the very beginning of the CSNN experience as a student, as well as beyond graduation as people carve out their own careers in the industry.

Kelli Etheridge, R.H.N.