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Kimberley Record


Kimberley (Kim) Record is on a mission: to redefine beauty as we know it, and to help women break up with the scale, diets and the quest for “perfection” for good.

Through her education with the CSNN Ottawa, where she graduated with honours in 2006, she began a personal transformation journey that allowed her to finally heal her emotional relationship with food and her body image – which began for Kim when she was just three years old.

She now brings this experience, along with a strong emphasis on the Body-Mind-Spirit connection, to her virtual practice (home-based on Vancouver Island) as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional and Body Love Coach, as she helps her clients gain emotional freedom from their own food and body image demons, and transform the way they think and feel about their bodies and their lives.

Kim is also the author of Finding Your Forever Body: A 10-Step Guide to Breaking the Diet Cycle for Good, in which she shares the secrets to her life-altering journey to unconditional body love, exposes the truth about dieting, uncovers problems with the food industry, and unpacks stereotypes that lead to negative body image.

As a mom to a daughter who watches her every move, Kim’s also developed a deep passion for supporting parents in becoming body-confident role models for our future generations, with a refreshing vision for a new definition of beauty:

One that allows them to separate their size from their self-worth; to nurture and nourish their bodies with love and ease; and to be confident in WHO they are, no matter what opinion anyone may express about their looks.

Her kids’ eBook YOU, Beautiful You contains a timeless message for our children (and our inner children) that empowers them to live in alignment with this new definition.

Kim loves to share insights, tips and personal anecdotes for self-care (BODY), self-empowerment (MIND), and self-acceptance (SOUL) – which she’s identified as the 3 key pillars of Body Love – regularly on her blog  and social media channels.


A friend recommended the CSNN to me at a very poignant time in my life. I was feeling extremely unhappy and disconnected – as if I was having a midlife crisis at age 29. The one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted out of my miserable corporate job, and I wanted to help people with their health. Having struggled with food and body image issues for most of my life, I knew I needed to heal myself before I could help others. Learning more about food and nutrition seemed like a perfect place to start. Little did I know when I registered, that this curriculum was to transform not only my health, but my entire life. As we entered the Mind-Body-Spirit connection module, my mind was blown and my hope for happiness was restored. The impact of this “awakening” caused a domino effect in all areas of my life, and just a little over 10 years later, I’m living in complete alignment, feeling deeply connected to my authentic self, and am in the best health – physically, mentally and spiritually – of my life. I’m thankful every day for the holistic path this program steered me toward. It’s truly been a gift that keeps on giving!

Kimberley Record, R.H.N.