Louise Innes


I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™ professional who believes so strongly that we are what we eat that I went back to school at CSNN in midlife in order to resolve my own health issues using food and nutrition. I went from being overweight, sad and tired all the time, hormonal and cranky, to waking up with bundles of energy for every beautiful day feeling balanced and happy in my life. What drained me before now gave me joy!

I got back into the gym with energy for working out, balanced my blood sugar levels (no more exhausting blood sugar spikes and crashes), balanced my hormones so that I could lose my angry Mom persona, improved my gut health to lose bloat and gassiness, and resolved my issues with varicose veins.

I am now passionate about helping other women to take time in their middle years to address ongoing health issues or even to embark on a midlife health makeover so that they can reclaim their energy and find the joy in every day. I work one-on-one with women in their middle years, teach cooking and nutrition classes to bridge the gap where great food and fabulous health meet, and speak as an educator on various topics related to food and health.

Together we can find that sweet spot where great food, your best self and vibrant health meet.