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Lynda Voegtle


Lynda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional and Practitioner of Energy Medicine, focused on helping people regain and maintain their optimal health. Through an in-depth consultation, Lynda is successful in assessing the body’s strengths and weaknesses and, with recommendation for modifications to the diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements and/or some energy balancing methods, her clients are enjoying renewed vitality. She has an excellent understanding of how nutrient intake affects the whole body – physical, emotional and mental and of how unresolved emotional issues affects physical health.

While Lynda helps those of any age with any concern, she has special interest in working with those trying to overcome mental/emotional issues. Mental, Emotional and Physical are all tied together in the body and the health of one aspect is dependent upon the others. Lynda uses both Nutritional Guidance and Energy Medicine techniques to help the client attain balance. Optimal nutrition leads to optimal health!

Lynda is the owner of Glendale Health and Wellness, located in the south end of Brampton, easily accessible by car or bus.