Nancy Tran

Nancy Tran


Nancy is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Her passion lies in health, fitness, and wellness as she practices what she preaches. She is a fitness advocate who is working on her “Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certificate” and she embraces her healthy lifestyle and balances it well with everything else in her life. She is an accountable and reliable person with a strong will and motivation that any client can count on. Her greatest joy is helping others achieve their goals, breaking bad “habits” and improving their overall health.

She currently works part-time as a Brand Ambassador for Organic Tradition and Vista Magazine. A content creator on YouTube with topics on nutrition, health, fitness, and lifestyle. Also, an experienced Product Advisor on supplements and wellness products. Before working and graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Nancy was working in the Accounting and Finance industry. With her constant struggle with weight, fatigue, brain fog, and binge-eating disorder, she decided to take a stand and take charge of her health. She started researching nutrition and what began as a simple curiosity blossomed into a passion.


My journey began while I was working in the finance industry. It was high stress. I struggled with my weight. I was constantly fatigued and had brain fog. I was on the cusp of a binge eating disorder. I knew something had to change. I had to make a change. This was during the time where nutrition and health was making big headlines in the news. I always had a passion for cooking and reading, so that is where I decided to begin my change. I began to read blogs on healthy eating. I began to experiment on incorporating healthier options into my favourite meals to cook. But that wasn’t enough. I needed to know more.

This is when I started researching different schools of nutrition. As I was still working full-time, I needed a school that provided flexibility in learning (online option). That is what first drew me to CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition). They offered a pure online option where I could learn at my own pace and during hours that worked for me. As I researched more, I found that even though it was online, they had a strong community of current students and graduates that you could reach out to and talk with. The thing that truly pulled me towards CSNN was the philosophy of a Holistic Nutritionist. It is not just about food; it is really taking into consideration of ALL aspects of the person. The nutrition, the soul, the mental aspect, and the physical. It is all of these aspects that work together in harmony to truly create optimal health.

I had decided that CSNN was the school for me. As I began my studies, I started to incorporate more and more of the knowledge I was learning into my daily life. While still balancing my career in finance, I noticed that I had more energy, I was more productive, and my mind was sharper. This made me even more passionate about nutrition and the benefits it can make in my life. I had a decision to make. I could continue my career in finance and continue to learn about nutrition on the side, or I could invest my full attention into nutrition and develop a career from it. Seeing all the positive benefits that it has made in my life; it was an easy decision. I fully embraced nutrition into all aspects of my life.

Presently, I am a 2019 CSNN graduate. I co-founded Holistic Pharmacy and Nutrition Inc. I am partnered with several wellness brands to develop content. And I am living my best life and the journey is only just beginning. I look forward to what else I will learn from nutrition. I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues and fellow graduates. And most importantly, I look forward to a better future where everyone will adopt a holistic approach to optimizing their health.

Nancy Tran, R.H.N.