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Paulette Millis

Paulette was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 from the CSNN Alumni Association for her contribution to the holistic nutrition industry. 


Paulette Millis speaks, trains, and writes about good nutrition. She has 25 years experience helping people through life issues and healing challenges.At this stage in her life she owns and manages the Heartwood Healing Center; an old church she has renovated in the countryside northwest of Saskatoon.

She offers “Cookin’ in the Country” day workshops on healing, Quilting Retreats, and Healing retreats. She is the author of 5 books and numerous articles and columns.  Paulette believes that you are not what you eat, but what you actually absorb and assimilate.  She has a special interest in diabetes, digestive disorders, women’s health, weight loss, hypothyroidism, and hormonal imbalances.  Her passion for healing is personal and professional, brought about by her own healing journey, as she was considered disabled by symptoms of Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and Hypothyroidism.  Using natural foods, environmental and lifestyle changes, detoxification and emotional healing, she has rebuilt her immune system and her life.  She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Registered Social Worker.

Paulette’s best-selling books Eat Away Illness and Cook Your Way to Health and her What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Foods series are available  through her website, in book form or PDF download.



I chose CSNN after much deliberation on what was available at the time.   I believed it was the best out there, and accreditation with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants was important to me.  I also needed to study by correspondence, as there were no suitable schools available in the west.  Studying by correspondence afforded me a longer study time, and, in my opinion, a greatly enhanced level of learning, as I took the time to not only read all of the texts suggested, but everything I could get my hands on!  I have never regretted my decision; and have spoken well of the school as often as possible.

Paulette Millis
R.H.N. (1999)