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Penny Ormsbee


Prior to enrolling in CSNN’s Natural Nutrition program, I worked in the corporate world. I worked for many years in market research in a management position. At the age of 41 I decided to take the nutrition program and now I operate a successful full-time nutritional consulting practice.

With a background in business and marketing I had some knowledge of how to market and grow my practice. Apart from consulting, I write a column for a local health magazine, I have been featured in other publications such as The Halifax Daily News, Canadian Living Magazine, The Coast, Vista Magazine, and The Healing Canopy online magazine. I have created a CD of Working Forms and Handouts for practitioners as well as an electronic book: How to Make it as a Nutritional Consultant. I do wellness talks throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality and also offer Meridian Stress Assessment services to my clients to help identify food and environmental sensitivities.

The Natural Nutrition Program has allowed me to live a much more balanced life, and to give back to my community by helping others reach their optimum health.