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Ashley is a pharmacist turned plant-based chef, certified holistic nutrition consultant, and best-selling cookbook author. After she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she pursued an education in holistic nutrition at CSNN and changed her life. 

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Ashley Madden is a pharmacist turned plant-based chef, certified holistic nutrition consultant, and best-selling cookbook author. She decided to pursue an education in holistic nutrition after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over a decade ago. The diagnosis triggered an overhaul of her personal and professional life and ultimately, she traded prescriptions for plants! Ashley collaborates with other health and culinary professionals in recipe development, wellness writing, and food photography.

She shares her flavorful and inventive plant-based, gluten-free, and oil-free culinary creations in her weekly Rise Shine Cook recipe newsletter. Her cookbooks (The Plant-Based Cookbook and Plant-Based Delicious) are mainstays of plant-based cuisine. She has been featured in Forks Over Knives Magazine, Alive Magazine, Vegan Living Magazine, Global Vegan Magazine, on Veg News, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, Ashley currently resides in Taipei with her husband Bernard, son George, and beloved collection of cookbooks.


“The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition was exactly what I was looking for. It gave me the tools to pivot from my career as a pharmacist and introduced me to concepts, ideas, and frameworks that not only changed my personal life, but allowed me to work in a field I was truly passionate about.”

Why did you decide to work in this industry?

I decided to work in holistic nutrition because I felt there was a missing piece in western, modern medicine. I wanted to talk to my clients about lifestyle changes and the mind body connection, not just medical intervention. I knew from my own personal experience with multiple sclerosis that there was more to health care than just treating sickness.

How did you choose your specialty/area of focus?

My focus and area of expertise is in plant-based nutrition and recipe development. The culinary arts is something I have always been passionate about and after I adopted a plant-based diet as part of MS treatment plan, the marriage of the two (holistic health and cooking) seemed like a natural progression.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My workday looks different every day and ultimately depends on what projects I’m working on. I usually start my day with writing, then move into emails and communications, and then the afternoon is recipe development or photography (we usually eat what I’m working on for dinner!). When I’m in cookbook mode, it’s cooking all day every day.

What was your career "a-ha!" moment?

My career aha moment came early in my holistic nutrition consulting days. After graduating from CSNN I quickly started working one-on-one with clients. In almost every case my favorite part of our work together was discussing dietary changes and, more specifically, whole food recipes. It occurred to me that the overlap of holistic nutrition and the culinary arts was where my true interests lied. I knew I wanted to work with food but through the lens of health. I applied to culinary school in NYC and the rest is history.

Was there a particular moment that motivated you towards your current career path?

My own health journey and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at such a young age (I was 23) was the biggest motivator in choosing a career in holistic healthcare. The changes I made to my own diet and lifestyle became an integral part of who I wanted to be in the world, how I wanted to show up, and the work I wanted to do.

What's one of your go-to recipes?

I have many go-to recipes but there are a handful I make all the time! The Butternut Squash Dahl from Plant-Based Delicious (my second cookbook) and the Vegetable Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta from The Plant-Based Cookbook (my first cookbook) are my go-to meals when I’m having company. For the weeknights I love the One-Pot Tuscan Pasta from Plant-Based Delicious and the Sheet Pan Broccoli and Tofu up on Rise Shine Cook (on

What are your 3 favourite things in your fridge/pantry?

My top three things in the pantry are almond butter, tamari, and nutritional yeast! My top three things in the fridge are broccoli, kale, and blueberries! I can’t live without these things. 

Client Testimonial

“Ashley’s work has been so influential in how I prepare my meals. I never imagined that eating healthy would mean eating the most delicious food ever!”

Adi B.

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Ashley is a best-selling cookbook author.