NN101A – Fundamentals of Nutrition – Part 1

This course is also included in the Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate. 

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the field of nutrition, which expands the link between nutrition and prevention of health illnesses. The course explains the role of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the importance of water to overall health. It introduces the importance of proper digestion to one’s health and how certain dietary habits undermine health and provides suggestions for overcoming these habits. It looks at the effect of pollution on our health and the health of our planet.

Topics covered include:

  • Metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins & lipids
  • Vitamins & minerals – sources, functions, health benefits, supplementation, toxicity
  • Function of the digestive system and why it might need support
  • Comparison of diets from around the world, including both plant-based and omnivore options
  • Common environmental pollutants, how they affect us and our planet, and steps that may be taken to reduce them

Proposed Study Guide for this course: 

  • Clock Hours (Time on Task): 59
  • Approximate # of weeks (20 hour/week commitment): 3 weeks
  • Approximate # of weeks (40 hour/week commitment): 1.5 weeks

This is based on approximate study hours including reading, assignments, and optional contest in addition to instructional time. 

Study from wherever you are, whenever you want. Distance Education offers a flexible learning format with academic guidance and support at every step of the way. 

Quick program overview here. The Natural Nutrition Program prepares holistic nutrition professionals with a comprehensive curriculum that consists of 18 courses and over 2,000 study hours. It covers natural nutrition relevant to each stage of life, the science and research behind it, as well as the fundamentals of business. An integral part of the studies is the connection between body, mind, and spirit; this program aims to enlighten in a broad way about the effects of life experiences and circumstances on health.

Admission Requirements

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Course structure and modules

The curriculum is split up into 4 modules and is structured in a way to help build the foundation, include a strong clinical component, and cover in-depth a wide variety of science and holistic nutrition topics. The goal is to give you confidence so you can practice and help your clients achieve optimal health. 

How you study

Flexible learning, up to 3 years to complete the graduation requirements though many can complete in less time. Depends on your schedule. Describe the study platform, try a sample lesson. 


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