Introduction Certificate

Are You Looking For A More Fulfilling, Or Soul Aligned Career?

But not sure you have the time, or the timing isn’t right? We get it.

So, what if there was another option that allowed you to try out the Natural Nutrition Program, but not have to fully commit? It’s kind of like having your cake and eat it too-  sound good? Keep reading.

You already know you have an interest in learning about Natural Nutrition.

But, you have questions like... can you make a career out of it? Can you make money with a nutrition diploma? What kind of work can you do with this education? Can you fit classes and homework into your schedule? Do you need a background or knowledge in nutrition? Will it be too difficult?
All valid questions...

But, how will you know if you don't take the leap?

Let us take some of the fear or the risk out of your decision shall we?

Introducing the Intro to Natural Nutrition Certification, a comprehensive overview of the field of nutrition, including a culinary class of  your choice, and a bonus class dedicated to a career in nutrition. 

The Intro Certification allows you to dip your toe into the world of natural nutrition without having to commit to the entire program. AND, these credits can be put towards a future diploma program. Remember that  ‘cake and eat it too’ situation- now you can sign up, try a few classes, see if the workload fits with your life, and if you deicide this is the right path for you, then you’re already closer to your goal- a  career in nutrition.

Here's What You'll Get With The Introduction Certificate

Saturday classes available

Runs from April 20 -Jun 29

Class on “What Career Can I have With A Natural Nutrition Diploma”

Culinary class of your choice

Topics include:

  • The role of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals”
  • The importance of water in the diet
  • The ten key components of a healthy diet
  • The health benefits of and basic guidelines for fasting and detoxification.

The Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate is approved for CECs by canfitpro.

The Introduction Certificate transitions into the full Diploma Program should the student with to do so. 

Don't Take Our Word For It, Here's What Our Students Have To Say

I have since began my own business to aide clients with health concerns and health goals and feel competent in doing so. In doing this, and creating wellness teams with other local practitioners, I feel my knowledge is continually validated, not only by seeing improvement in my clients, but also in new research coming out and in discussions with other health professionals. If anyone is interested in the world of holistic nutrition, I would highly recommend CSNN.

Class of 2019

My education with CSNN was the final piece I needed to start my holistic practice. Combining herbal medicine, subconscious implanting technique, and holistic nutrition, I can now help my clients regain control of their health and release patterns of disease.

I am fortunate to have met some amazing individuals in my classes and have developed some lifelong friendships.

Finding my “tribe” of like minded individuals has given me the confidence to know I’m on the path I was meant to follow.

Class of 2021
**CSNN Edmonton Graduation Report for 2019: The Graduation Rate (of the students enrolled, successfully completed) is 83.5%, and the Employment Rate is 77%.**

We designed this certificate with you in mind. If  you still have questions and don’t see the answers here, please contact us at or download our brochure for more information. 

But, if the Intro Certification has you excited and ready to move forward into the world of natural nutrition, we’d love to have you.

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