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  • CSNN was proud to be an annual sponsor of Organic Week, which runs in September each year. Canada’s National Organic Week is the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products across the country. Hundreds of individual events showcase the benefits of organic agriculture and its positive impact on the environment. Learn more at

Seasonal Recipes:

  • Vegan Apple Pie Smoothie
    Kathy Chrzaszcz, R.H.N., shares an innovative way to use your apples that is perfect for September. Give this autumn-worthy smoothie a try!

  • Fall Spiced Apple Chutney
    Andrea Brown, R.H.N., has a delicious way to use up those apples this fall.  This versatile chutney can be eaten many ways!

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Natural Nutrition Program  nnsymbol :

Eco-Nutrition explores the facts about metal and other elements in food, air and water and their effect on our health. Students gain insight into both the major causes of pollution and the existing threats to both the Earth’s and human immune systems. Students learn to make food choices that are wholesome and safe for everyone. Learn more about our Eco-Nutrition course at

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