Study Formats

Natural Nutrition Diploma Program

Study Formats

CSNN offers flexible study formats with provincially-licensed classroom locations coast-to-coast and online distance education.

Since CSNN has added live online classes and hybrid study options to its existing in class format, CSNN’s classroom locations are now able to serve communities beyond their geographical area. Distance Education’s self-study online format has added free webinars and workshops to the Natural Nutrition program.

These new formats not only apply to CSNN’s Natural Nutrition program, but also to its introductory certificates such as Healthy Eating & Lifestyle, Culinary, and Introduction to Natural Nutrition, and its Continuing Education & Advanced Holistic Nutrition certificates and workshops (workshops and certificates may vary from branch to branch).

Regardless of format of study students write the same board exam, earn the same diploma and designation, and gain the same holistic nutrition skills, and any differences in hours shown are due to different ministry reporting requirements.

Option 1: Online Classroom Study

Why Online Classroom?

The instructors brings his/her experience and knowledge into the classroom and students are able to ask questions of the instructor and receive an answer back on the spot. Students share their knowledge and experience in the industry and are a support network for each other. The online classroom format provides a set schedule for those who like structure as well as case study practicals.

*Classroom branches are currently offering Live Virtual Interactive Formats via Zoom. Depending on the branch, a hybrid format may be offered. Please contact your preferred branch location for more details

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1. One Year (Full-time)

Students attend classes two to three times per week, plus scheduled practicals*.

2. Two Year (Part-time)

Students attend classes one to two times per week, plus scheduled practicals*. To find out whether a branch offers part-time day or night program, please contact the branch.

*called practicums, workshops, or co-requisites at some locations.


At some branches, the CSNN Natural Nutrition Program may be completed in a shorter amount of time. For example, a day student may wish to attend classes 4 days per week and take 2 modules simultaneously in order to complete the entire program in one semester rather than two. Students who opt for this accelerated course of study should expect to undertake a very heavy workload, and some courses would be taken out of sequence. An accelerated evening program is also available at some branches. Students wishing to register in an accelerated program are required to pay an additional administrative fee of $100.

Option 2: Online Self-Study

Why Online Self-Study?

Learn at your own pace. In the Distance Education format, there are no deadlines for class completion or assignment submission. The online study format allows you to maintain your busy schedule and prioritize your studies accordingly, while your progress is monitored and help offered if needed. Plus there are no geographical barriers – CSNN has graduates all across Canada and in 29 countries around the globe. Our knowledgeable academic advisors (many of whom are practicing Holistic Nutrition professionals) provide you with hands-on training with a practical application of knowledge and expertise in real case studies.

Distance Education