Chia Seed Passion Fruit Pudding

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Written by Marla Pietruszko, BSc, R.H.N.

Chia seed pudding is eaten at least twice a week in my home. We love it because it’s packed with omega 3 essential fatty acids, fiber, and minerals such as calcium, manganese and phosphorous. It’s also so versatile and affordable which makes it the perfect breakfast to meal-prep when on a tight budget.

Chia seeds are best eaten when soaked to help break down some of the phytic acid. Additionally, when you eat chia seeds that have been soaked, they help to push toxins and build-up out of the colon by scraping the colon wall. This makes them an essential superfood to have in your diet to ensure good intestinal health. They are also great for seed cycling during the first 15 days of a female’s cycle to help with estrogen production.


Chia Seed Passion Fruit Pudding



4 tbsp. organic chia seeds (I used the white ones here)
1/2 cup full fat canned coconut milk
3/4 cup coconut milk from the carton
1 healthy scoop of collagen
1 tbsp. yacon syrup (or sweetener of choice)
pinch of pure vanilla bean
1/2 cup fruit of choice (I used passion fruit and banana)



Add chia seeds to the coconut milk and whisk vigorously. Add in collagen, vanilla bean and your sweetener of choice and whisk again. Let sit for 10 minutes then whisk again, repeating 3 more times. Transfer to mason jars and place in the fridge overnight to gel up. In the morning, top with fruit and enjoy!