6 Holistic Ways to Help Your Kids Have a Healthy Back-to-School

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Truth is, school-aged kids get sick. Luckily, we’ve got simple ways you can help your kids have a healthier school year.

Let’s be honest – the worst part about back to school is the return of snotty noses, stomach flu, and other gross illnesses. (Along with coming up with healthy lunch box ideas).

Is there something you can do to help your kids have a healthy back-to-school?

You bet!

Here’s what you want to know.


Can Holistic Nutrition Stop Your Kid from Getting Sick?

There’s no guaranteed way to keep your kid from getting sick. But, holistic nutrition can help your child’s body be stronger and more resilient – if they do get sick, a healthy child’s body is more likely to bounce back faster.

Plus, a holistic lifestyle approach this school year can help your kid build a healthier mind too!

Sounds good, right?


How to Build a Healthy Back-to-School Routine

It’s time for back to school – and, it’s going to be great! You can set up your kid’s school day routine for success with these holistic lifestyle tips. Fill your kids’ backpacks with nutritious foods. Add some movement to their day. Give them big hugs. And, everyone – get some sleep!


6 Healthy Back-to-School Tips for Kids (& Parents)

Many of the same holistic nutrition and lifestyle tips we, as adults use to stay healthy work great for your kids.


  1. Schedule Sleep

Late nights can throw off the immune system. Consistent sleep strengthens the immune system, says science. At night, your body has a chance to rev up its immune activity, lower inflammation, and consolidate learning.

Say, “Night-night, kids!”.

Tuck your kids into bed at a consistent time to help them stay healthy this school year.


  1. Empower

You love your kid(s) – teach them to love their body and mind. Teach your child to listen to their body: then, once they hear things are out of balance, they can quickly restore it.

The fundamental connection between parent and child is a place to share love and nurture skills for emotional intelligence, stress management, and positive self-talk.


  1. Get Sweaty

Do you love to kick a ball with your kids? Or ride bikes? Whatever way you and your kids love to get sweaty, schedule some daily physical activity into your back-to-school routine to help your kids stay healthy.

Being active strengthens the immune system, says research.


  1. Nourish

You’re probably wondering what are the best foods to pack in your kid’s lunch box to help them enjoy a healthy school year. Luckily, even picky eaters are likely to find some acceptable lunchbox ideas among this list of foods to support your kids’ immune system.


Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Better Immune Systems:

  • Mixed berries (antioxidants)
  • Spinach smoothie (carotenoids & prebiotics)
  • Bell peppers & hummus dip (vitamin A & glutamine)
  • Sliced oranges (vitamin C)
  • Banana slices rolled in seed butter (selenium & zinc)


  1. Bring Back Handwashing

Outside summer adventures probably have your child out of the handwashing habit – bring it back. Soap up those little hands at home to remind your kids of the importance of handwashing at school.


A little hand hygiene can help your kids stay healthy at school.


A study found handwashing could lower the risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal illness by 21% and 31%, respectively.


  1. More Hugs

Human touch is essential for your kids’ ability to stay healthy this school year.

That’s right – hug your kids, (and others you care for) as it may make them less susceptible to illnesses, such as the common cold, says research.

Parents, more hugs may also help you sleep better and reduce your stress hormone (cortisol), according to a study.



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