Where Does a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant Go After Graduation?

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Prepared by: Karen Gilman, R.H.N.

Since 1994, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition has been “Teaching the Medicine of the Future” through its program in natural nutrition. The education at CSNN is founded in practicality and rooted in science and ancient wisdom. Students of the program get hands-on training with a practical application of knowledge and expertise. Graduates become holistic nutrition professionals with a variety of career options to choose from, including working in health food stores, gyms, wellness centres and medical clinics. Below are a few examples of different career paths that some of our graduates have chosen.

While working in the investment industry a decade ago, Peggy Kotsopoulos found herself inspired by healthy eating and nutrition. At business meetings, where the standard fair was bagels and danishes, Peggy would hand out guilt-free goodies. She also founded a corporate wellness program.  After seven years in the corporate world, she followed her passion, earning the Diploma in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Today, Peggy (peggyk.com) hosts her own cooking show and writes for various publications and websites. The University of Toronto alumna is among the more than 11,000 people who have graduated from CSNN. The options for CSNN graduates are endless—and many leverage their knowledge and previous work experience to forge new and exciting careers.

Maranda Carvell, another CSNN graduate, has taken her career in holistic nutrition in several directions. As a holistic nutritional consultant, Maranda spends part of her time as a weight loss coach. But the Ottawa resident also advises nutrition graduates on how to set up their business through personal consultations and training videos. Maranda’s 600-member Facebook community, Nutrition Business Community Support, allows holistic nutrition professionals to connect with each other for business and moral support. You can find Maranda at marandacarvell.ca.

A career in holistic nutrition has allowed CSNN graduate Lisa Kelly to create Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc., an organization that provides workplace wellness programs, as well as training and certification for people who want to become “workplace wellness ambassadors.”  Kelly Wellness Consulting provides corporations with staff programs such as lunch-and-learns, ongoing team wellness programs and executive coaching. In addition to her Diploma in Natural Nutrition, Lisa holds a master’s degree in adult education and a bachelor’s degree of commerce. You can find more information about Lisa at kellywc.com.

Armed with her Diploma in Natural Nutrition and training from ProDoula, CSNN graduate Catherine Switzer’s career in holistic nutrition is focused on helping women deal with the challenges of pregnancy and post-partum developments. She provides support for moms during birth and back home in the early post-partum period. In addition, she offers both traditional nutritional consultations and advice on grocery shopping and meal preparation. Catherine’s website can be found at babybeets.ca.

CSNN graduate Aviva Allen has taken her career in holistic nutrition down several paths. Though she works with clients providing nutritional consultations as a kids’ nutritionist, she has also created a vibrant community called Healthy Moms Toronto. Healthy Moms began as a Toronto-based Facebook group in 2012 to allow moms to share ideas, recipes, shopping tips and advice. The group has grown into a community of over 12,000 moms. As this community grew, it became clear that moms wanted to be connected with businesses that aligned with their values and lifestyle. So, in early 2016, Aviva launched the Healthy Moms Discount Card, which is now accepted at over 300 businesses across the GTA and in Vancouver. The card can also be used for online shopping. Check it out at gohealthymoms.com.