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Are you aspiring to start or advance your career with holistic nutrition? Looking to achieve optimal health and help others do the same? The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s commitment to quality education has made us the largest, leading school in holistic nutrition education.

CSNN accommodates students’ lifestyles and geographical locations across Canada. Study at one of our multiple provincially-licensed Classroom Locations coast-to-coast, with convenient and flexible program options to suit your lifestyle. Or create your own schedule with Online Distance Education.

Our life-changing Natural Nutrition Diploma Program can help you achieve optimal health and wellness through a well-rounded understanding of scientific, holistic and practical applications of natural nutrition. Empower yourself, and help your family, friends and clients to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Find a branch below and get started today!

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I chose CSNN to study holistic nutrition due to the positive feedback I got from past alumni. As I was new to the natural wellness space, I wanted a community to support and uplift me. CSNN was exactly that. I found the teachers to be very informative while maintaining a more hands-on and discussion-based learning approach which I greatly appreciated. I couldn’t be happier with the practical knowledge gained from CSNN and the lifelong friendships built. 

Katie McKersie, R.H.N.
Class of 2021

CSNN changed my life! It gave me an environment where I could talk about my health challenges without feeling judged or weird. It gave me the knowledge I needed to properly take care of myself and finally understand my health condition. It also gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start helping others with similar health conditions as mine. I am now working part-time at the government and part-time as a nutritionist. It feels awesome to help others and to have found a new life’s purpose.

Robert Martin, R.H.N.
Class of 2017

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By blending practical knowledge with hands-on experience in a supportive, student-centered learning environment, CSNN provides an education that is truly holistic. Whether your interest in natural nutrition is based on personal growth, family health, or a professional career choice, we welcome you to join us.