Amanda Brown, R.H.N.

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Amanda Brown, R.H.N.

The idea of using food as medicine came to Amanda after seeing her godmother’s health drastically improve solely due to dietary changes. After 4 years of university Amanda’s health had taken a toll and she knew she needed to empower herself with nutritional science. After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) Amanda went to teach English as a second language in Shenzhen, China. While adoring her teaching position, she also had a small business making and selling hummus, tahini and protein cookies for other expats and even some locals. Before returning to Canada her intuition brought her to Rishikesh, India where she obtained her yoga teacher training certificate.

With a mind that has a deep thirst for knowledge, she continued her education by working in various health food stores as a supplement advisor. Being in that environment she discovered the usefulness of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). Instead of guessing which supplements would be best, she could obtain quantitative results to provide optimal suggestions supporting the client’s biochemical individuality. In 2020 Amanda became an HTMA practitioner, furthering her curiosity into functional medicine.

Outside of the classroom Amanda specializes in helping those who have type 2 diabetes reduce their HA1C levels, she has a meal prep business and aims to become a functional medicine practitioner. She is the most creative when cooking, most joyful when swimming, and fascinated by exploring the consistent inconsistencies that exist within the health and wellness industry.

At CSNN, Amanda teaches Nutritional Symptomatology, Hormone Health, Perspectives of Aging, Eco-Nutrition, and an oral biome workshop that highlights how systemic disease is related to our oral health.