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Ever since I was a young girl I was fascinated by food and the healing power of Mother Nature. I always dreamed of a career as a Nutritionist but felt it was out of reach as there were no programs available in my area. After spending many years in an unfulfilling career and yearning for change, I started to look into online programs. Luckily, I came across an advertisement for CSNN Ottawa. Although I do not live in Ottawa, was working a full-time job and a single parent of two boys, the virtual classroom, schedule flexibility and payment options made my dream a possibility. Not to mention having such a pleasant experience with the staff (Nicole), my mind was made up!


The entire staff is super friendly and helpful, they really went above and beyond welcoming me on this journey. The teachers are inspiring, supportive, extremely knowledgeable and the course content is very well put together. It was a lot of hard work and self sacrificing, but I am extremely proud to be a graduate of CSNN Ottawa. I am excited to begin my career as a Holistic Nutritionist and beyond grateful to my teachers for preparing me for the next chapter of my life.

Christa Smith
Class of 2022

I retired from a 25-year career in law enforcement. But I always knew that my real interest lay in holistic health. In my search for a path to a new career, I stumbled upon the CSNN and spoke to Nicole about the possibilities of following my path. That same evening, I was attending my very first class. From that moment on, I have been convinced that this program was the best decision I have ever made. I have experienced great satisfaction in being able to complete this program at a comfortable pace with the full  support and mentorship of all CSNN employees and educators.  


This experience has truly gone beyond  my expectations. CSNN Ottawa not only guided me through an incredible journey in holistic nutrition education, it has inspired me to work on becoming the best version of myself. I’d recommend CSNN to anyone who is interested in simply learning more about health or pursuing a career in holistic nutrition, at any age. I am so proud to be a CSNN graduate, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with the world.  Thank you CSNN Ottawa for this incredible journey!   

Marie-France Dedieu
Class of 2022

The CSNN program I completed this spring was exactly what I was searching for and needed. As a full time yoga instructor for many years, I was already working in a professional capacity within the holistic wellness field. Now, after completing the program, right from the comfort of my own home, I have acquired the Registered Holistic Nutrition (RHN) designation and have started a new business offering wellness + nutrition coaching to clients here in Ottawa and beyond. I already have clients and I am so excited to grow my business. The program was accessible, affordable and so incredibly informative. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

N. Moine
CSNN Graduate

This school was a blessing in my life, it helped me find my purpose and really what I want to do for the rest of forever. It has also helped me to understand my own body and my own needs so much more clearly. 

K. Leighton
CSNN Student

I always had an interest in health and wellness and it continued to grow as I was dealing with some personal health issues. One day I decided that I wanted to focus on my own wellness journey and that’s when I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I chose this school because I found the course hours flexible and I really enjoyed the course lineup. I loved my year at CSNN and I gained a deeper understanding about the power of nutrition and how the body is interconnected. My passion for nutrition blossomed and I wanted to make a career of helping others. The courses were packed with knowledge and all of the teachers were amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

D. Mota, R.H.N.
Class of 2018

I highly recommend CSNN to anyone looking for further education on holistic nutrition. The teachers were professional, educated and knowlegeable people. CSNN offers an in-depth program in holistic nutrition. It prides itself on research-driven information to make our point in a society that does not always want to hear about how food choices can affect one’s physical and emotional well-being. The courses cover a variety of topics from biology & chemistry to vitamins & minerals to sustainable farming practices & sports. With this kind of variety offered (including a business course), you will definitely figure out your niche in the growing natural nutrition world.

Lisa Ricciuti, R.H.N.

Little did I know when I signed up to study Natural Nutrition at Ottawa CSNN that taking this program was going to change my life in SUCH a profound way. I have now been practicing as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for over 2 years and cannot imagine doing anything else in my life. This program offers excellent courses taught by an experienced and very knowledgeable faculty. The Administrative Team at Ottawa CSNN deserves a huge mention! they are incredibly supportive, prompt and positive, it was pleasure coming to school. I would recommend Ottawa CSNN to anyone seeking a career change or simply hoping to make a significant, powerful change in their lives.

Pamela Groh, R.H.N.

CSNN has changed my life forever! The moment I walked into my first class I knew immediately I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The information I have learned here will stay with me for a lifetime. Soon, I will get to share this knowledge with others! Highly recommend this school if you want to learn more about natural nutrition. The teachers are very knowledgeable and up to date on the latest research. Each brings their own unique perspectives and experience from their own nutrition practices.

Natasha Dostaler, R.H.N.

This place changed my life! The teachers are all awesome, the students I attended with are such amazing open people, the feeling of community is like no other, and the inspiration coming out of there to share my knowledge is unreal! Ultimately, the people there, who are now all good friends of mine, made the experience off the charts! I highly recommend!

K. Fields, R.H.N.
Class of 2018

CSNN set me on a path where I can teach others the power of nutrition, just like we learned by bringing our boys to optimum health with food. The teachers’ passion for each subject is contagious and the community it creates- invaluable! It changed my life, I love what I do!

L. Preshing, R.H.N.
Class of 2015

CSNN changed my life! It gave me an environment where I could talk about my health challenges without feeling judged or weird. It gave me the knowledge I needed to properly take care of myself and finally understand my health condition. It also gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start helping others with similar health conditions as mine. I am now working part-time at the government and part-time as a nutritionist. It feels awesome to help others and to have found a new life’s purpose.

R. Martin, R.H.N.
Class of 2017

Food is truly the medicine of the future. I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about the vibrant field of holistic nutrition at CSNN Ottawa, and i now have to pleasure to be teaching on the faculty. If you are interested in learning more about this growing and vibrant field contact CSNN Ottawa and get started on a life changing adventure.

Nayeer Salem, R.H.N.

I didn’t fully know what I was signing up for when I applied to CSNN. I was working full time with a young family, but I knew that pursuing my passion and curiosity of alternative health was a journey that I had to embark on.

After my first class, I remember walking out and having an overwhelming sense of “this is where I am supposed to be” and I haven’t looked back. The support and flexibility from the school made it possible to complete the accelerated part time program while continuing to work full time. I am building my practice as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and I am forever grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to support people on their health and wellness journey.

Mandy Faulkner, R.H.N.

I am now a successful Registered Holistic Nutritionist thanks to this amazing school. My whole life I wanted to go into nutrition and holistic health, and I finally did the plunge after a few careers, and am so grateful. The teachers at this school taught me so much – the curriculum is phenomenal. If you have always wanted to learn about health for yourself, or to plunge into it as a career, this is the place you want to study! You will not regret it. It is worth the investment of time and money.

Thank you CSNN for everything!
Cat, The Office Nutritionist

Cat Binette, R.H.N.

I started my second career education at CSNN Ottawa when I needed to understand my own health situation. Early on in my own health scare did I realize that nutrition + lifestyle were holding the answers I needed to support my body getting well again. I studied part time in the evenings and always looked forward to class. The knowledge that is taught at CSNN is valuable for everyone who wants to stay healthy and in fact should be mainstream education. I had a great experience at that school, which has dedicated teachers who want to make a difference in the world. The school emits a positive energy and is very welcoming.

Pamela Barton, R.H.N.

My journey through CSNN Ottawa was incredible. I came to it from a life in the Air Force I cherished and had no idea I would be entering this new “family” that was for me so refreshingly non-judgemental and nurturing. Because my hobby was studying health, I will admit to coming in a bit confident but found myself challenged in ways I did not expect. I adored it all – the learning, the management, teachers and my fellow classmates – the sense of oneness there was hard to leave when returning to “normal” life. As luck would have it, I got the chance to come “home” and be a teaching assistant/teacher which I took very seriously in attempting to uphold the standards of the teachers I held in such high esteem. All my experience at CSNN prepared me to start my own business which I am ever so grateful for! Now I get to transform peoples health by educating them on food as medicine and tweaking their lifestyles to nurturing their mind, body and spirit – how does it get any better than that?

Laura Kissmann, R.H.N.

If you are passionate about holistic nutrition, you will absolutely love this place!! After completing the program, I finally feel I’ve found my place in the world. I made countless unforgettable connections, surrounded by like-minded people. I thought I knew what nutrition was before entering into this program, but what I learned actually blew my mind! I finally understand the pieces and realize that being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.

The instructors are very experienced, professional and bring so much more to the table with their knowledge. Many of them are practicing nutritionists, which I really appreciated. What I learned from them was invaluable, and I will never forget it. The case study component of the program was also genius. It’s hands down the best way to prepare yourself for working with clients when you graduate! The mandatory practical component was also extremely helpful.

I could go on and on about how much CSNN changed my life, but I will leave it at this. If you are thinking about enrolling, stop thinking! Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Nicole Fodor, R.H.N.
Class of 2014

I have been coaching for 7 years now. I have been a performance coach, and work specially with athletes in competition bodybuilders, bikini for example. I had taken sports nutrition, coaching nutrition and I thought I knew enough, but in 2016 I came across this program on Carlin Avenue Ottawa Ontario.

After looking into it, I decided to go and spent the time, the money and all the other factors that needed to be put in place in order to go to school full time at the age of 42. Was it tough year? Probably the toughest year yet. Worth it? Money can’t buy the level of knowledge these ladies have brought us.

In short: Now that I have finished this schooling, I say this loud and clear, it has made me change and revamp my entire coaching approach. I am literally able to see nearly in 3-dimensional. Its incredible what the school has brought into my life. Now I am changing able to reach much more complex clients, but not only this, truly change the life of hundreds of people. This program opens up the body, looks at each system, and along with symptomatology we look at how foods interacts, stress levels, behaviours, type of foods, relevant research and so much more.

The school teachers bring worlds and years of knowledge, energies, and total care. The school teachers bring in that “WOW” effect into the classroom. If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask or email me, I would be more than happy to help.
This was my gift to me and those who I coach!

Emilio Ruiz, R.H.N.

January 2018 my life changed forever and I could not be more grateful. From the time I made the call for information to my first day of class to wrapping up as we are only days away from the end it has been nothing but amazing. Gina and Nicole – the support staff, the teachers – too many to name and Natalie the Branch Director are nothing less than just beautiful, kind, supportive and encouraging people. The knowledge and passion that they shared about how food and lifestyle work in and outside the body – from the science behind it, the to the mind, body, spirit side of it left me eager to learn more each day. I not only gained so much knowledge to start my new career, I grew as a person in such a positive way, learned so much about me and now I am ready to begin sharing my knowledge with my clients. The class size was perfect, the teachers and the Director are open and approachable, and my classmates are friends that I will have for years to come.

As students we put in a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication, and late night studying and it is clear that the teachers also do the same to ensure and show appreciation of our success. As we wrap up and I get ready to take my new found passion, knowledge and excitement of this past year with me and to my clients, it will never be taken for granted that my CSNN family were a huge part of my success.

I am more than happy to speak to anyone that may have any questions.
Thank you to CSNN Ottawa Branch – you are all truly inspirational.

Ginette Pierunek, R.H.N.

I began at CSNN in January 2018 with the hope of learning about how to better my own health. The program is teaching me how our body reacts to food and our lifestyle from the inside out! The teachers are caring and well educated and the program provides a well rounded and balanced curriculum in this exciting field. It was worth every penny and late night study session! Thank you CSNN for literally changing my life!

Janice Tremblay-Laroche, R.H.N.