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In addition to regular classroom instruction in natural nutrition, each student completes a minimum of 50 hours of mandatory practicals, out of approximately 100 hours offered to students. The main focus of the practicals is case study work, including follow-up case studies.

Practical work is completed under the supervision of a qualified holistic nutrition professional, through the presentation of case studies, role-playing, group studies and lectures by guest speakers. In these sessions, students have the opportunity to develop assessment and interviewing skills essential to success in the field of holistic nutrition.

Spring Schedule

Registration for these virtual workshops is also open to the public, so come join us in learning more about these unique topics!

The fee for non-students to attend is $35.00 + tax = $40.24 total. Students at our Branch attend most workshops for free!

To reserve your seat in a workshop, please click the registration button(s) below. Spaces are limited so sign up early!

For any workshop inquiries, please email, or phone/text 613-314-6991.

NOTE FOR STUDENTS: Most workshops are free for all students studying Natural Nutrition at the CSNN Gatineau branch. Each workshop is eligible for up to 3 internal non-case study practical hours. Please register below.

“Obesity is a stigmatized disease due to pervasive personal, professional, institutional, and cultural weight bias. Individuals with obesity experience weight bias across their lifespan and settings, which can affect their life chances and significantly impact health and social outcomes” (Salas et al., Frontiers in Psychology, 2019).

The Canadian Medical Association recognized obesity as a chronic disease in 2015, and Ontario followed suit in 2020. A resolution recognizing obesity as a chronic disease within our province helps us to advocate for safe, effective and sustainable management that focuses on the root causes and management of the disease, with the intent to improve overall quality of life for people living with obesity. While we know that the root causes of obesity are varied, complicated, and run deep, we also know that weight (and weight loss for that matter) are not behaviours. While there are many behaviours that can improve overall health, there is simply no behaviour that will guarantee sustainable weight loss.

Many clients that a Registered Holistic Nutritionist will see have struggled with weight management for years, and have faced a great deal of weight bias and/or discrimination from their family, friends, complete strangers, health care practitioners and society as a whole.

If you hope to provide client-centered care that is free from weight bias and discrimination, please join Shawna for this workshop to learn more about how to work with individuals related to weight management, while providing compassionate care.

Saturday, June 3rd
9:30am – 12:30pm EST

Shawna McCusker, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Behaviour Therapist (MSW, RSW)
Owner of Sprouting Balance Nutrition and Wellness + Certified Sprout Right Instructor
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‘Bridging the gap between evidence-based medicine and nutraceuticals.’

Nutritional Fundamentals of Health (NFH) is a Canadian nutrauceutical company devoted to the development of professional-line products guaranteeing purity and potency. This is part three of a three-part series and will cover supplements that support Single Nutraceuticals & Targeted Formulations.

These webinars are designed to give you an understanding the NFH brand, including the science behind the formulas, and teach you clinical use of products, ensuring proper prescription to prospective clients. An invite to set up a professional account will be provided to these in attendance, giving you access to practitioner pricing and discounts, as well as clinical information, research and other useful learning tools.

Dr. Jennifer Johrendt ND is a practicing Naturopath located in Carleton Place, Ontario, as well as the Territory Representative and Consultant for NFH in the region Eastern Ontario. She is the owner of Healthy Impact Naturopathic, and has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for over a decade, treating all types of individuals with a special interest in health promotion through connection with self.

Tuesday, June 13th
6:00-7:00pm EST

Jennifer Johrendt, BHSc, ND

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 90% of Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke. The good news is, there is a lot we can do to keep these risk factors at bay.

In this information-packed workshop, the following questions, and many more, will be addressed:

  • What are the risk factors?
  • What can be done to reduce the risk?
  • Is it true that cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease?
  • Will eating red meat, butter, and eggs raise my cholesterol? What about other foods?
  • Should I be following a low-fat diet?
  • Are there foods I can eat to promote healthy cholesterol levels?
  • Is it OK to use salt? What if I have high blood pressure?
  • Are there any supplements that promote cardiovascular health? Healthy cholesterol levels? Healthy blood pressure levels?

Emerging research is shattering many long-held theories related to the above questions. Being misinformed may put you at risk for cardiovascular disease, as well as numerous other health issues. It’s time to take control of what you can!

Wednesday, June 21st
6:00-9:00pm EST

Anna Varriano, B.Sc., M.B.A., R.N.T., N.H.P.
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