Jennifer Wade, BHsc., R.H.N.

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Jennifer Wade, BHSc., R.H.N.

Jen first discovered her love of nutrition during her time as a nanny for a family that chose natural foods and alternative education for their children. She attended CSNN after her health declined and she was diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune disorder. She turned her health around using the guidelines of natural nutrition and her passion grew – she loves teaching people how to empower themselves and get their own health back on track. After graduating, Jen went on to specialize in thyroid health as well as breastfeeding and toddler nutrition, collaborating with midwives, OBs and pediatric dentists. Jen teaches science classes at several CSNN branches. Jen lives in London, Ontario with her 4-year-old son – you can find her enjoying the outdoors or quietly writing. Her first book, a memoir, is set to be published by the fall of 2022. 

At CSNN, Jen teaches Fundamentals of Business, Nutritional Symptomatology, Hormone Health, Fundamentals of Nutrition Part 2, and the culinary baking workshop.