Vancouver: Podcasts

Nature’s Medicine Series

These podcasts educate and empower you to make choices that support your health goals by sharing nutrition information relevant to your lifestyle. What’s more, you’ll gain strategies to implement your knowledge into your diet, and lifestyle. Join instructors of holistic nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to learn about gut health, the number one dietary recommendation, ecoLogical health, reading labels, eating healthy in your busy life and our whole foods cooking classes.

Gut Health

Gut health is a hot topic and center stage to managing everything from good digestion to auto immune conditions to mental health, and so much more. Determine whether you need better gut health and learn how to have it! Leave with a simple recipe to make gut-loving sauerkraut at home.

EcoLogical Nutrition

We know eating less packaged food is good for us but if food is in the grocery store, it must be good for us. Right? Explore the reality of processed food and the real cost of ‘cheap’ food. Leave with strategies to spend less time in the kitchen and eat for wellness.


What is this holistic nutrition professional’s number one dietary recommendation? Chew your food. Find out why proper chewing is the foundation of good health and how it improves digestion, energy, stress management, and more. Leave with a strategy to chew more!

Family Nutrition

We want food to be convenient, affordable and healthy. Who says you can’t have it all? Learn new and traditional ways to nourish your family within your busy lifestyle and thrifty wallet.

Virtual Grocery Store Tour

Reading food labels can be daunting. We think we know what terms like free range’ and ‘free run’ mean but in this podcast, understand what they actually mean. Leave with one simple change to three every day foods to balance health.

Holistic Cooking Classes

Do you want to learn basic cooking skills and specific nutritional information about the food you’re cooking? Listen in to hear all about Holistic Cooking Classes at the school and learn great nutrition information sprinkled throughout.