COVID-19 Policies

In response to COVID-19, please find our school policies.

All our classes will be held in a combination of in-person and on Zoom. All efforts will be made to bring you the best classroom experience, whether you choose to attend in person or via Zoom.


Due to social distancing, we have a maximum capacity of 12 people in the classroom. Students are allowed to attend in person. However, they will have to sign up prior to the class in order to secure the space. Most registered students have indicated they will learn in a combination of in-class and Zoom, so you may see different students each class. Further signup instructions will be provided prior to class starting.

Students are placed one student per desk unless you are cohabitating with another student. You do not have to wear your mask at your desk. We do, however, request that you wear a mask when moving about to the washrooms, kitchen, visiting the office, or doing any group activities.

All desks and common surfaces will be wiped down and sanitized between classes. However, please understand that it would be difficult to sanitize all areas between classes, such as the kitchen. Therefore, use caution when using areas such as the kitchen.

Instructors will be in the classroom teaching to you, as well as to the students on ZOOM. You will be able to see the students on ZOOM through a TV monitor in class.


You can sign onto ZOOM to attend any of our classes. Video is mandatory and you must have video open at all times so that the instructor can see you.

The instructor will be teaching to the live class, but they will also have a TV monitor in front of them to see the students on ZOOM. Chat will not be monitored, and students on ZOOM are encouraged to virtually raise their hand when they wish to ask a question, and then use their audio to ask questions of the instructors.

You will also be able to see the classroom and the power point presentation. As per our registration agreement or in violation of privacy laws, pictures cannot be taken and classes cannot be recorded. We will not be recording classes for later viewing. At absence or late on Zoom is treated the same as an absence or late in class.