Linda Murphy, R.H.N.

CSNN Mississauga Branch Manager

Linda Murphy, owner of Holistic Solutions Inc., is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, who has stepped into the position of owner and Branch Manager of CSNN Mississauga as of March 2024. 

Linda has been living a holistic lifestyle since 2007 when she graduated as a student of CSNN Mississauga. She feels that is one of the best decisions she has ever made. She has helped hundreds of clients become healthier versions of themselves as well as helping family and friends. 

She has been teaching at CSNN since 2014. She absolutely loves teaching and will continue to as long as she can, along with her duties as Branch Manager. 

Linda has been living the lifestyle she teaches and is constantly reading and updating herself in the newest research available. She has been a member of the Organic Council of Ontario and is an advocate for organic farming. She is also a leader for an organization called HealingStrong, which is a non-profit and supports people with cancer using lessons explaining non-toxic therapies to support their bodies. 

Linda is extremely passionate in all the different avenues she has been pursuing and will bring this passion to CSNN Mississauga.