Thanks & Update: Day of Action to stop hidden GM seeds

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My name is Garry, and I am a Saskatchewan organic grain farmer and President of the farmer group SaskOrganics. I am writing to personally thank you for taking action with us last week to protect organic farming from hidden GM seeds. Hundreds of you made that important call to the minister of agriculture.

I also want to thank CBAN for all their work in supporting our Day of Action and for helping organic farmers across the country with this issue of GMOs. In the past two years, CBAN’s information and analysis has been vital to us coming together against this corporate takeover.

We don’t know what will happen this week. We don’t know if the minister will make the decision to protect organics or biotechnology companies. She has to choose. The government is ready to give away our whole food system to these companies, but we will continue to fight.

Whatever happens, I know all of us are doing our best and that we will keep acting for what is right. I feel hope because we are doing this together.

I ask you to keep following what’s happening with genetic engineering and taking action, for all our sakes. And I ask you to please consider making a donation to support CBAN’s important work.

Thank you,

Garry Johnson, President, SaskOrganics

P.S. If you have not had a chance to call the minister yet, please call her today at (613)-955-2024. You can click here for tips from CBAN for making your call, and for more actions.