Today! Call the Minister: Protect organics from hidden GM seeds

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Help the minister get the message: No Hidden GM Seeds!

Today is the Day of Action to stop hidden GM seeds called for by the Saskatchewan farmer-led organization SaskOrganics. Call the Office of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, to ask her to listen to organic farmers, not biotechnology companies: Tell the minister that farmers need a mandatory public registry of all genetically modified seeds sold on the market, including those developed using gene editing technologies.

Call 613-995-2024 to leave your message for the minister.

What to expect: That telephone number will take you to the Parliament Hill office of Member of Parliament, Marie-Claude Bibeau who is the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. The phone will be answered by office staff or an answering machine. It is possible the answering machine will get full – if that happens, please call back later or take another action at

Ask to leave a message for Minister Bibeau. Make sure they write down your message:

  • Give them your name and tell them where you are calling from.
  • If you are a farmer, please say that you are a farmer.

The message:
Organic food and farming is important.
The Canada Organic Standards prohibit the use of GMOs and this includes all gene edited seeds.
So organic farmers need to be able to identify and avoid GM seeds in order to farm organically.
The minister of agriculture needs to protect organic farming in Canada by making sure there is transparency for farmers.
She needs to set up a mandatory public registry of all GM seeds, including all gene edited seeds.

Read the full Call to Action from SaskOrganics here:

Find out more information on why this action is needed here:

If you have questions or want to share information with us about your call to the minister, please email or call CBAN’s Coordinator Lucy Sharratt at 902 209 4906